Spiegel: “Winners of the Year” the founders of BioNTech – News

The founders of the German biotechnology company Biontech, Ugur Sahin and Ezlem Tureci, are for “Der Spiegel” magazine the “winners of the yearIn Germany, thanks to its creation vaccine against coronavirus in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

According to APE-MPE the magazine talks about a success story “Made in Germany” and refers to time – record that his company needed Mainz to develop the vaccine that has already begun to be used in the fight against it coronavirus.

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Next goal for A couple of doctors of Turkish origin: a cure for cancer, with further use of revolutionary technology mRNA.

At the same time President of the Commission Ursula von der Layen stated when the EU countries will make the vaccines.

Coronavirus: This is the consent form we will sign before the vaccination – What it says

In Greece, the situation with the coronavirus is difficult with the result that the citizens do what they can to follow the measures so that they do not get stuck while at the same time waiting for when it will be available for most to do so.

Specifically, shortly before the start of the “Freedom” operation, which has to do with the mass vaccination that will take place when the government announces it, the form that the citizens will sign before the vaccination is released.

In particular, the Ministry of Health has created a form that citizens will have to sign which states that they have updated and that accept to be vaccinated for the coronavirus, while at the same time accepting that they are aware of any unwanted actions.

The form that citizens will have to sign before being vaccinated has been released.

The form has already been sent by Ministry Health, στα 1,018 vaccines centers throughout the country and this requires the mandatory consent of citizens before vaccination.

As provided in the instructions sent to vaccines centers and compiled by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with National Commission Vaccinations, citizens who agree to get the Covid-19 vaccine should give the consent which will ensure that they are fully informed about the process but also about the possible unwanted actions.

If a citizen is unable to give oral consent to the vaccine, the document must be completed by a family member, provider care the judicial supporter.

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This is the first time I will requested written the oral consent for vaccination by adults, since to date only the presence of either the influenza vaccine or other vaccines, were considered of course consent.

See the form below

The vaccination form for individuals has been published.

Coronavirus: To vaccinate the relevant prosecutors as a matter of priority

The countdown to when will begin vaccinations against the coronavirus in Greece with people waiting when it will happen and how it will Happen this whole process. We remind you that certain groups of the population will not be able to be vaccinated immediately.

Specifically the Join Prosecutors Greece through her letter asking to be vaccinated as a priority, after vulnerable groups population, due to their contact with a large number citizens in services and audiences, where it is impossible to exact compliance of sanitary protocols.

In particular, in a letter to EODY and the competent ministers of Justice and Health, the Union of Greek Prosecutors points out:

“Dear Sirs, In view of its commencement vaccination of population against pandemic covid 19, the Administrative Council of Union Prosecutors Greece Notes the following:

The Union of Greek Prosecutors, through a letter, requests that they be vaccinated first.

THE daily compulsory contact of prosecutors with a large number of citizens in services and audiences, where accurate is impossible compliance of sanitary protocols (a fact that led to the temporary partial suspension of all courts in the country) but also the other official actions of the Prosecutors (supervision of penitentiary establishments, at home surveys, hearings etc.) create dangerous situations both for the transmission of the virus to court officials and officials, and for further dispersion of within judicial facilities, with whatever negative this implies the orderly and rapid administration of justice, to which we all aim.

So please like, the responsible carriers weigh them above special conditions exercise the duties of prosecutors and take care of him programming of vaccination them against relevant priority (of course after the population groups that admittedly must precede) “.