Shot attack in Peristeri: Shipowner’s son and another person arrested

Greek police arrested two people after the incident with a shooting in Peristeri, on Tuesday afternoon, outside a car park.

According to what became known, the incident happened at 16:05 on Dodecanese Street in Peristeri, when a 32-year-old man was coming out of the yard. Then a car stopped in front of him and two people got out. One hit the man on the head with an iron fist, while the other shot him in the leg.

The man, of Albanian origin, arrived at the Attica hospital alone slightly injured and his life is not in danger.

The Greek Police was notified about the incident by locals. A large police mobilization followed, during which police located a car in Haidari, in which two people were riding. The police verified that these people were riding in the same car, which was used in the attack in Peristeri.

On Tuesday night, it became known from the two arrested that one is the son of a shipowner and in the past he had taken part in a TV reality show.

With information from ERT

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