Severe allergic reaction to a healthcare professional who received a Pfizer vaccine

An Alaskan health worker developed a severe allergic reaction after receiving Pfizer vaccine for coronavirus, the New York Times reported, citing three people who have learned about the state of health of this person.

The allergic reaction occurred on Tuesday and this person is in steady state, after being admitted to hospital.

According to the post, it has not been clarified if the vaccinated person had a history of allergic reactions.

The company Pfizer did not respond immediately in a request to comment on this information.

Coronavirus vaccine: Do not be given to people with severe allergies, say Britons

Pfizer / BioNTech coronavirus vaccine alert issued by UK authorities one day after start of vaccination population in the United Kingdom.

According to the announcement, the authorities urge citizens who have had “severe” allergies and “severe” allergic symptoms in the past, do not get the vaccine.

Professor Steven Poiss, National Medical Director for the NHS of England, stressed that “it is a fairly common phenomenon with new vaccines” the appearance of allergies.

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