Rubicon raid on the house of the commander of the “Agios Savvas” hospital [εικόνα] | HELLAS

On Tuesday night, members of the Rubicon carried out a raid on the house of the commander of the “Agios Savvas” hospital, Olga Balaoura, in Gerakas.

The perpetrators wrote slogans on a garage door.

A relevant announcement was posted on a website of the anti-authoritarian space by Rubicon.

Agios Savvas Cancer Hospital has always been a place no one wanted to end up. A place where people fought the great battle to stay alive. Today Agios Savvas is the place where no one should end up. Because there the battle for life is now sabotaged, there death has found a strong ally: the state.

There are no words to describe the heroic struggle of doctors and nurses in all the hospitals of the country and even more in this hospital. Those who wondered if there was anything “socially healthy” left in Greek society got their answer. And we must never forget that those who now risk their lives every day to save ours are the same ones whom the political sewer slanders every time they strike or demonstrate, they are the ones whose demands would have been met today by thousands of people they would have survived and the destruction of the pandemic would have been much less.

They do not fit half-heartedly. The second wave of the pandemic brought with it a major state crime. If now, with 100 dead a day, not the whole social base is on the “railings”, it is because the media dictatorship did not send a single camera to a funeral, did not burst into tears for a moment, did not interview any relatives of the dead, from the small village that dies every day, as it would in any other case. So simple and so cynical, they bury it before our eyes. The state covers the traces of its crimes, this is what happens.

It would be reasonable to ask whether we are exaggerating. Are we wrongfully blaming a state and its government for an extraordinary catastrophic event that it could not have foreseen? We consider that the circumstances and what happened there are enough to answer this question by anyone who of course has no private interest in defending the “Authorities”.

Agios Savvas, under the administration of the wife of the pro-government editor-in-chief and major journalist Mr. Papachristou, is not a reference hospital. Nevertheless, it hosts dozens of covid incidents. Today, a total of 270 beds can be operated. Another 180 available are closed because they have no resources and staff. Out of the 30 surgeries per day in his specialty, he now barely reaches 7, and these are the lightest cases.

In these circumstances, and while the hospital accommodates patients with covid other than cancer patients, on the pretext that it is not a reference hospital, no basic protection measures are observed. There are shortages of materials such as gloves and masks. They do not even do continuous tests on doctors, nurses, cleaners or the employees of the private catering company that took over the kitchen of the hospital because there are not enough staff.

Result; Half of the hospital staff are stuck and many were sick while on duty and in contact with cancer patients. And while the staff fell ill or returned to work without even being allowed a 14-day quarantine, SOPs were ordered for doctors who became ill with covid…

In this environment, the commander of the hospital, Mrs. Olga Balaura, came out with incredible audacity to celebrate the exemplary service of Saint Sava. And when the workers’ union became indignant and shouted, the administration tried to oust its president!

Of course, do not forget, every time we refer to a hospital administration, to bring to mind that inimitable 80-year-old party dog ​​that almost a year and a half ago remained the commander of the Karditsa hospital. Such are the administrations of the hospitals many times and today of Saint Sava is the example. A political careerist in the state corridors, Ms. Balaura is also a government employee and part of the party competitions of the public goods prefecture. Obviously her job, the job of all of them, can never be public health.

We repeat, this is a state crime and even lasting. This year’s health budget is smaller than last year and most importantly, Agios Savvas is no exception to the rule, it is the rule in public health during the 2nd wave of covid.

Let them zoom in as much as they want on the needles of future vaccines. They themselves know that their responsibility has been charged. But the issue is elsewhere. Not if the state commits crimes, but if it is going to pay for its crimes. And even more important if the base decides to protect itself from these crimes which, in the case of the pandemic, seem to continue for a long time…

This is the bet.