Phone fell out of an airplane window, did not break and recorded the fall (vid) | Plus: Society

How many (of the older ones) we do not often mention extensively about how “strong” mobiles were the older devices, such as e.g. the 3210, that no matter what happened, nothing happened.

Either it was falling from above, or water was falling, whatever happened to them were operating normally.

Now with technology constantly evolving, new devices are more fragile. Or maybe not in the end?

A cell phone fell out of a window plane in Brazil and did not break! In fact, it was later found with GPS, it had only a few scratches and it had record and fall.

According to the Brazilian news agency G1, the director Ernesto Galiotto had flown over a beach in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, for one of his works.

He was using his iPhone 6s to take pictures of one small window next to his seat, holding it carefully with both hands.

However, when he grabbed it with one hand to show something to the pilot, strong winds hit the phone and the thrown in the air.

The video was shared on YouTube, with a caption explaining: “During a flight over Praia do Peró in Cabo Frio / RJ, environmentalist Ernesto Galiotto’s mobile phone fell out of a window and filmed the entire fall. The most interesting thing is that it was until the next day, almost 12 hours later it was found thanks to the GPS service “.