Petsas: Open the possibility for a total lockdown locally

His weapon total lockdown locally is ready to use the government in specific regional units.

According to the government spokesman, Stelio Petsa, the possibility of toughening the measures is not only open to areas in Northern Greece.

“We have noticed all this time that in some peripheral units either the cases do not fall as much as we would like, they fall slowly or we have small flares from time to time. In such areas, to which Mr. Kikilias will refer in the afternoon, if the cases persist high and the pressure in the hospitals continues to be high, then we will have no choice but to take even tougher measures for a certain period of time. ” , said Mr. Petsas speaking on the radio of Parapolitikon.

According to government spokesman The government as a whole does not consider any scenario of easing the measures until January 7, because as he emphasized: “The easing would be a wrong signal in what we have ahead of us to deal with. We have a risk to face. “The danger is that we will trigger a third wave, which is very dangerous.”

As Mr. Petsas noted, in the period until January 7, the first goal is not to disrupt the downward trend that is recorded and re-emit a signal of compliance with the measures.

“If we can do that and I repeat, it depends entirely on our behavior during the holidays, then there is no reason to extend it, at least with the data we have in front of us,” the government spokesman said.

Asked to comment on whether the 7.5 billion budget forecast entails an extension of measures and in the first two months of the year the government spokesman said: “We have kept 7.5 billion in the special reserve. I wish they were not needed but if necessary, they will be used”.