Petsas cuts the initial announcements about the vaccines


“There is good news and bad news,” Stelios Petsas told Parapolitikon radio station.

The health minister was quick to present a national vaccine coverage plan last month, which has not yet received the green light, but pending approval in a few days, the government spokesman said: “We will get the vaccines faster, but they will be less in the principle”.

Mr. Petsas hid behind the announcements of Brussels and claimed that “there is a combination of things that must be weighed, explained and become part of our business plan. We will get them faster, because the approval from the European Agencies seems to be coming faster. But we will get less, because the whole of Europe will get less.

“The first vaccine in our country may be given, even before the end of the year, in 2020. The vaccines – for example from Pfizer – seem to be about 40% less than originally planned, at least for month of January “he said, after the President of the European Commission announced in the morning that “within a week, the first vaccine will have been approved, so vaccinations can start immediately”

In fact, Mr. Petsas argued that the government’s effort includes, first of all, the prioritization, the way of informing the citizens and the vaccination centers: “The very crucial thing in this whole chain is to start the distribution from the warehouses – where There will be large freezers in the Vaccination Centers. This will determine the effectiveness of the Plan. It is a titanic work. In its operation it does not matter so much if you have 300,000 or if you have 600,000 vaccines.

“So, we focus on the operation of the System in January, so that everything goes well. “And from February onwards, to have the largest quantities we expect and to continue the vaccination more massively beyond the most vulnerable groups and the health ones”, he said.

Open for local lockdown

At the same time, the government spokesman left open the possibility of lockdown at the local level, after noting during the quarantine it was observed that in some Regional Units of the country either the cases do not fall as much as we would like or they fall slowly or we have small flares from time to time.

“In such cases, if the cases persist and the pressure on the Health System is maintained, then we will have no choice but to take even tougher measures, for a certain period of time, during the weeks until January 7.” he said.

He mentioned areas, such as the Kozani Regional Unit, that are concerned: “We see in the hospitals of Ptolemaida and Kozani that, instead of falling imports, they are increasing. “So, some areas, in which we will not have a correction, may enter into a total lockdown”, he said and concluded, warning that from our behavior and the observance of the measures, these decisions will be judged.

Regarding the holiday season, Mr. Petsas stressed that “we must have a close circle of people, with whom we will socialize. When we talk about another family, if, for example, our family is four and another family of four comes, we can spend Christmas with her and possibly the New Year with her, if we want. But not with more, because the circle will open too much. That is why we insist on the close circle of people we meet, so that there is no dispersion in the community.

Finally, he appealed to everyone to emphasize the close circle of people we will be in contact with this holiday season. “If we open the circle of people we will come in contact with these days, then we increase the risk that these people we love – and that is why we invite them to our home – will get sick and thus there will be an uncontrollable dispersal in the community,” he added.