Pete Butijage: Rising Democrat star to become first openly gay secretary in US

Former Democratic nominee Pete Boutige has been nominated by President-elect Joe Biden to take over the Department of Transportation and will be the first member of the US government to be openly gay.

Initially, the American media was the ones that broadcast the information about Biden’s intention, a news that was confirmed last Tuesday night, by the team of the newly elected president. “I trust Pete to focus on this work, with a sense of morale and an ambitious vision,” Biden was quoted as saying by his team.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will present 38-year-old Boutitzage from Wilmington, Delaware today, but their appointment will have to be ratified by the Senate.

After electing Kamala Harris – the first black woman to hold the post in the United States – as his vice president, Biden chooses another former opponent in the by-elections to run for his government.

The former mayor of South Bend, a relatively mixed city in Indiana, is one of the few professional politicians Biden has chosen for his government, which is made up mostly of technocrats and experts.

He is also one of the few who did not join the team of former US President Barack Obama, of which Biden served as vice president from 2009 to 2016.

“Mayor Pete”

If the Senate approves his appointment, “Mayor Pete” will become “the first person to openly belong to the LGBTQI community and be appointed (…) to the cabinet,” the Victory Institute, which advocates for the appointment, said in a statement. belonging to sexual minorities in administrative positions.

The Human Rights Campaign also welcomed the “historic” decision. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris “kept their promise by forming a government that reflects America’s diversity,” he said.

Almost unknown to the general public until April 2019 when he announced his candidacy for the Democratic Party in the presidential election, Butijatz, a former soldier who has also served in Afghanistan, has made an impressive progress.

A moderate candidate, he claimed impressive victories in the early stages of the election, a time when Joe Biden was struggling despite his experience in politics.

The former vice president finally managed to win the anointing and Boutijatz withdrew from the qualifiers in early March, giving a significant boost to his 40-year-old candidate.

“It reminds me of my son, Bo,” who died of brain cancer, Biden said at the time. “It’s the best compliment I could give a man,” he added, with Butitzage, a rising Democrat who has been to Harvard, Oxford and McKinsey.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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