Parliament: The immunity of Pavlos Polakis is lifted

The lifting of the immunity of Pavlos Polakis was voted in favor, today Wednesday, by the parliament, after a lawsuit and lawsuit had been filed against him by Giannis Kourtakis, publisher of the newspaper “Parapolitika”.

Out of the 293 deputies, 184 voted in favor of the lifting of the immunity of Pavlos Polakis and 109 deputies against. It is recalled that Giannis Kourtakis had moved against the SYRIZA MP after the latter posted.

“We will oust you from the government, because you do not deserve it in this country, and even the most skeptics understand that,” Pavlos Polakis said earlier today from the floor of Parliament. “We will throw you.”

“You do not deserve to be ruled in this country. I close in my favorite way which is a mantinada that I dedicate to you. Because you think that with everything you do you will terrorize us, you will scare us and you will make us retreat. (…) I tell you the following and I say it to all the people who supported their hopes in SYRIZA, who will support them again and who very soon we will be called to take the fate of the country back into our own hands. “If the eagle is hurt, do not feel sorry for it, it will open its wings again and then be afraid,” he said.

The floor was then given by the parliamentary representative of New Democracy, Giannis Bougas, who said: “Mr. Polakis, continue like this, do not stop. Continue to oppose the SW in the way you did today and do it constantly. And of course because every time Mr. Polakis takes the stage and addresses the SW either with a mantinada, or with the second time on the left it will be different, or in any other way, he takes care to launch a threat, all this refers to the known ” we will come again and the earth will tremble. “

Mr. Polakis reacted and an uproar prevailed, with the result that the Vice President of the Parliament, Charalambos Athanassiou, intervened. “Shame on you for thinking and implying it,” said Mr. Bougas, asking Mr. Polakis to recall.

“Mr. Polakis will recall the otherwise next time left and the eagle will take revenge and then we will discuss it. I do not interpret anything, I said associatively that it can refer there, I just said that. When you are constantly cursing and threatening, we cannot remain indifferent. “Anyone who uses such expressions should be careful because associations are made”, said the parliamentary representative of ND.

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