Parliament: The immunity of Pavlos Polakis is lifted POLICY

The Parliament decided to lift the immunity of the official opposition MP Pavlos Polakis and to refer him to the regular Justice.

After a stormy meeting, which lasted more than 6 hours, the Plenary Session with the support of ND, KINAL and Hellenic Solution lifted with 184 votes against 109 the immunity of Mr. Polakis after the lawsuit for defamation filed against him by the publisher Giannis Kourtakis.

At the same time, the Parliament lifted the immunity of A. Adamopoulou of MERA25 with 162 positive votes against 116 against (15 present) after the lawsuit filed against the federation of police officers of Central Macedonia for its statements from the floor of Parliament.


Polakis struck again: “Mitsotakis … far right with Orban, Bolsonarou” -And threats: “We will throw you!”

The Parliament also voted in favor of lifting the immunity of Ad. Koutsouba (277 in favor, 2 against, 14 present) and G. Poulou (182 in favor, 111 against) for their participation in a summer festival in their constituency. Finally, the Plenary lifted the immunities of G. Kaminis (293 positive votes), D. Aktypi (293 positive votes), C. Mamoulaki (292 positive votes, 1 against), A. Mylonaki (292 positive votes, 1 against) , K. Markou (292 positive votes, 1 against), but not of G. Varoufakis (10 in favor, 283 against) for a case corresponding to that of Aegina.