Parliament: The funniest “present”

When I heard that SYRIZA votes “present” in the defense expenses (and Mitsotakis mocking them for that) I confess that I was surprised. With the country on the brink of war two or three times and Erdogan committing savage bullying against us, the last thing one would expect from a party in power is not to agree to further reinforcement of the armed forces.

Of course, SYRIZA is not distinguished for the consistency of its positions on the issue. In 2012-15, which was a major opposition, it voted against defense budget lines. Last year he voted for them. This year he said “present”. With the same leader all this. The most incoherent is his reverse leap from last year to this year, as Tsipras demands from Mitsotakis a more clumsy policy towards Turkey.

And Fofi Gennimata changed position within twelve months. Last year he voted against the funds for the defense, this year he voted for them. But that at least seems to be going the normal way. Tsipras has taken it upside down. The more violent things become with them, the more he distances himself from the policies of strengthening the armed part of the country.

Of course, I thought that this extremely serious Syriza “present” would have some elementary justification. Shallow and pretentious perhaps, ideologically distorted, but it will still step on some reasonable basis. So I looked for the speeches of SYRIZA executives in Parliament or their statements in the media, looking for the “why” of this incomprehensible left “present”. I found two or three scattered excuses here and there.

The party’s deputy defense minister, George Tsipras, told Parliament verbatim. “Due to the current situation, we will not vote against the defense expenditures of the Ministry of Defense, but we will not vote for them, because we have no confidence in how you will manage the process.”

And the head of the department Thodoris Dritsas stated (on CNN Greece). The government is pursuing an “armament diplomacy”, sometimes with the US, sometimes with France. We must not forget that not only Defense but also Health and Education have needs. We are not going to give a blank check for an arms race “.

Nassos Iliopoulos completed. “Behind the increase in defense spending, they hide that the government’s choices do not meet the planning and needs of the Armed Forces. In addition, we have no confidence in how the funds will be managed. “

In fact. Did you understand? Not me. Words one after the other, which do not result in either a structured denial or a specific counter-sentence. So we must go back, like the psychoanalyst who searches the early years of the patient, go in and understand the mania of his maturity.

Let us not forget that Tsipras grew up as a Knitis, spray-painting in the occupied schools “money for Education and not for NATO”. Normally, with a prime ministerial tenure between the chimeras of youth and the hard day today, he should have surpassed his youthful writings on the walls. In vain, our real homeland is our childhood.

What do you put them? The Left never liked the armed forces, because it was always afraid that it would not see them at the border but in Syntagma Square. The only period when he did not criticize them from the bottom of his heart was when, loving Panos Kamenos, he saw with a certain sympathy the war game that he had been given to play. But always, in the back of her Marxist mind, there was this dishonorable old-fashioned comparison. “With the money of an F-16, how many hospitals, schools and cultural centers would we build?” Do you know how many such texts there are in “Avgi” and “Rizospastis”? Just now, in place of the F-16s they put the Rafale.

“We do not have confidence in the management of funds, that is why we do not vote for them”, as a political argument is steeped in greed. They imply that Mitsotakis will either buy the wrong weapons (while Dritsas and George Tsipras know what is right), or that these funds will be turned into kickbacks, their favorite opposition issue. While if we do not buy anything, it is impossible to make the wrong purchases and if, despite hope, the Ministry of Defense was completely abolished, we would end up with the starters. But it is so simple !.

Let’s not get tired of it. The Left hates national conflicts and national wars. If the one component of the word of any fight is not always the “liberator”, something smells bad to her. The pure “national” bothers her, brings to mind memories of conflicts of nationalisms and greedy national classes for the division of spheres of influence and profits, with the proletariat becoming meat in their cannons.

We may be in 2020, but they never stopped whistling at Peter, Johann, Franz, who were building those tanks in the trust of Brown, Fisher, Kraft. Let alone that when Mitsotakis closed Evros with his weapons, they saw his popularity skyrocket. Well, they will not vote for the purchase of the rope that will hang them in the elections, as Vladimir (Ilyich Lenin) would say.