Paraskevi Kerasioti: The gypsy of GNTM 3 made the surprise and reached the duo

Paraskevi Kerasioti made the surprise and was the only girl in the final of GNTM 3

The only girl who managed to reach GNTM final 3 and reach the final, while he had left the reality show and was back in the game, losing some tests. Paraskevi Kerasioti is one of the players of GNTM 3 who impressed the judges from the first moment with her exotic physiognomya. Is gypsies and has experienced racism in the past, but this has given her more willpower to achieve her goals and become a top model.

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Paraskevi Kerasioti comes from Patras. He has not been involved in modeling, apart from some amateur photography. The GNTM will help her make a start in the field of fashion, in order to open the way for her professional modeling. At GNTM’s house she took the photo of her little niece, who will be missed the most. He watched her every morning to gain strength. Her goal was to manage to live the dream to the end. Her favorite phrase was “Do not let dreams remain dreams».

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In her introductory video she said: “My name is Friday Kerasioti. I live in Patras with my family and I am a gypsy. I have experienced racism because of my background, even at school when I was younger the children may have looked at me a bit, they may not have played with me, even today on the bus or in a shop I go to they may look at me a bit. I do not understand why they are doing this and they are racist towards us. We are all human, but we are different. I lived in a camp with my family many years ago Now things have changed a lot and we live normally in our homes and we have gone to school, and we do not get married since we were little. It is a gypsy custom to marry from a young age. I personally do not like it and in my family we do not get married from a young age.

The GNTM for me is a challenge to show everyone that we gypsies can too to achieve everything and that we have the right to dream. I believe in myself and I believe that the next top model can be a gypsy. Upon entering the judges, Kaya commented on her exotic beauty and that she looks like Pocahontas. He finished school this Friday and decided to come to GNTM to give her the opportunity to show her dynamism, to give it her all and to become as good as she can.

Friday Kerasioti
Paraskevi Kerasioti (Copyright: Star TV)

Entering the set with the swimsuit he mentioned: “I am a gypsy and I would like if I could, if you give me the opportunity to pass a message. When I was younger because of my background I received bad reviews. But growing up I overcame that. I am no longer ashamed of who I am. I love who I am and I want to give a message to all women and all gypsies. I want them to love themselves, to love their bodies and not be ashamed of what they are. Each person has their own unique beauty and it is good to show this.

Subsequently, Vicky Kaya got up from her seat and showed on Friday how to make a catwalk. The young player was moved by her behavior Βίκυς and said: “It was something very important for me. He got up, showed me how to walk a little. I really liked that. It helped me a lot. “All my anxiety is gone.” THE Friday He went on to say: “I live with my parents. I have 3 other sisters. Generally for us gypsies it is very nice for a woman to have long hair. It seems to fit them. It’s feminine. “

THE Kaya he said “yes” and commented: “There is no one like you anywhere in the world. Thank God for making you a jerk. Genevieve had told her: “Ever since you said you were a gypsy, I thought I would say YES. Really looking like Indiana fills all this canvas that I want to be completely colorful. I want Rainbow to be his home GNTM. Also, the longer you pose, the healthier I have seen. I can not, that is, I wait for the moment when I will take a photo of you to see this wild rose that I see inside you. You are a shocking girl so from me it is “yes” “.

Finally, Bratis had said about her Friday: “I really liked the way you came in. I felt that she is a woman who has inner confidence, that is as if I were seeing a beautiful racehorse type that is sure of how beautiful it is, which does not need any confirmation from anyone. I really liked that you did this outing and of course I’m a gypsy soul too, if I am allowed of course and of course “yes” “.

“I am just happy to be here. I will continue modeling. I have a gap inside me but it will pass me by “said in the statements after the announcement of the winner, the Friday Kerasioti.