PAOK: Another step for “Nea Toumpa”

The developments for Nea Toumpa are underway as another important step was taken for the start of the big investment for the new stadium of PAOK in Toumba.

On Tuesday (15/12) the Ministry of Environment gave the final approval to the environmental impact study of the Special Spatial Plan for the construction of the new PAOK stadium in Toumpa.

Now the developments are expected to run regarding Nea Toumpa, since the next stage concerns the completion of the process, in order to give approval to the spatial part that will lead the file to the Council of State for the final approvals.

Thus, at the beginning of 2021, a meeting of the Metropolitan Planning Office of the Ministry of Environment is expected, in the presence of the people of PAOK and then there will be a discussion in the Municipal Council of Thessaloniki for the final road regulations, in order to submit the file to the CoE for the final approval.