Pantelidis case: Lawsuits against witnesses by the women who were in the car – “Pantelis was the driver”

With lawsuits to the detriment of witnesses, who allegedly provided new evidence in the case of his fatal car accident Panteli Pantelidi, answer Frosso Kyriakou and Mina Arnaouti, insisting on their initial claim that the fateful night was led by the singer.

In the memorandums submitted, through their lawyers, Christos Aspro and Ioannis Kolettis, they challenge the data presented after five years by the victim’s family, stressing that the public prosecutor’s investigation had been closed “concluding that the driver of the car was the Pantelis Pantelidis “.

The official information from the lawyers of Kyriakos – Arnaoutis, states:

“As attorneys of Messrs. EFROSYNIS KYRIAKOU and MYRSINIS ARNAOUTIS, we are obliged to issue this press release due to the new publicity received in the last few days, the car accident of 18/2/2016, with the issuance of a press release by the attorney the plaintiffs’ lawyer, his appearance on television programs and the general publication of the Subject with articles and comments in the written and electronic press.

It is known that the Athens Prosecutor’s Office, and subsequently the Athens Appellate Prosecutor’s Office, had rejected the complaint of our plaintiffs against us, concluding that the driver of the car was Pantelis Pantelidis.

The CC Prosecutors came to this conclusion, evaluating all the evidence of the case file, including all the evidence submitted by our plaintiffs, including the private opinions of all their technical advisers, including the genetic material evaluation report. K. FITSIALOU. Therefore, reproduction by the media, new data on DNA, etc. are NOT new data.

The plaintiffs, at their request, presented to the Prosecutor of the Athens Court of First Instance, a affidavit to a notary, a witness, who claimed that he placed, among others, the deceased in the position of co-driver and that Ms. EFYROSYOU allegedly drove.

Following this, the Prosecutor of the Athens Court of First Instance was obliged to examine this new evidence, submitted after almost 5 years, evidence, to order a preliminary examination and to call our clients for explanations, which were submitted on 16/12/ 2020.

The above witness was NOT confirmed by any other legal testimony and was sued by our principals, as was sued by another witness, who reconstructed his recent affidavit from 3/12/2020 to the Athens Magistrates’ Court, by drawing up a responsible statement. , which was operated on in K. Paismatodiki, by the attorney-at-law of the accusers, just one day before the set initial date for the submission of our explanatory documents.

The above witness was also sued.

The case file is being forwarded today to the Athens Prosecutor’s Office for further processing.

Both we and our clients do not want us to appear in the media at the moment, nor to conduct television trials through the preliminary examination.

The Attorneys at Law

Christos Aspros

Ioannis Kolettis “.

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