Panathinaikos: Regression and collapse in the last 20 minutes … | Superleague Interwetten & Panathinaikos

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Panathinaikos’ effort to claim a European ticket is gradually becoming … mission impossible. Boloni’s team scoring in its second final in Wednesday’s game against AEK in OAKA and playing defense for the entire second half, was penalized in the delays by Livai Garcia.

As he had done on the Avenue a while ago, so now the winger of the “Union” found nets at a critical point and gave a point to his team, with Panathinaikos being left without a positive result for the third consecutive game in the Playoffs of this year’s Super League Interwetten.

Almost half of his goals in the last 20 minutes!

Panathinaikos currently has a goal liability of 27 goals, including the regular season and of course the Playoffs which are in full swing. It is terrible that the goals he has conceded from the 70 ‘onwards in this year’s matches in the Super League Interwetten, even from the time of Danny Pogiatos on the edge of the bench, are currently at 13.

That is, despite one goal, 50% of the total that the “clover” has counted from the efforts of his opponents that ended up in the net!

Confrontation Goal time from an opponent Race result
AEL – PAO 87 ‘Panakas 1-1
PAO – Volos 92 ‘Bartolo 1-1
PAO – Fearless 88 ‘Lazaros Christodoulopoulos 0-1
PAO – Panaitolikos 94 ‘Mendoza (penalty) 2-1
AEK – PAO 88 ‘Oliveira 1-2
PAO – Olympiacos 82 ‘El Arabi 2-1
PAO – AEK 73 ‘Libya Garcia 1-1
PAO – PAOK 84 ‘Krmencik 2-1
Ast. Tripoli – PAO 84 ‘Luis Fernandez, 97’ Papadopoulos 2-2
Olympiacos – PAO 72 ‘Hassan, 97’ Bruma 3-1
AEK – PAO 92 ‘Libya Garcia 1-1

From the … tests, to the “identity” with defense

From the efforts made by Danny Pogiatos to understand Panathinaikos, his size, his roster, the players he could and should have used and his absolute inability to manage the pressure exerted on him, the team suffered. With him on the bench, not a single victory came, while the negative record of five games at the start of the championship without a positive result was completed in the first match of Laszlo Boloni in the technical leadership.

Then came the … defense. The absolute priority in the rear.

The Romanian coach has a specific philosophy, he initially tried to clear up the situation and at the moment Panathinaikos has learned to … play defense. So simple. To defend the rearguards first and foremost and then to go on the attack. The promotion part of his game is a big talk and at the moment it shows that he needs a lot of work to improve and change.

There may be times when the ball ends up in the net with minimal final effort, but football has a way of revealing the law and giving what it’s to the daring team …

The setback that takes place … habit and mentality

For another game, Panathinaikos just … stays behind. He seems afraid to open up. To carry the ball, to keep the “greens” on their feet, to play straight. And the whole second half of Wednesday’s match with AEK in OAKA was this thing. A team that tried with its nails and teeth to keep the 1-0 it had taken from the first part. In this case, however, it is Panathinaikos. And this name with this jersey, obviously surprises everyone when the image he presents is of the absolute inability of his players to come forward and have in mind a plan of attack and transfer of the game to the opponent’s half court.

There are times when Bologna players have stated on camera that the team is so badly left behind on the pitch. «When the opponent is constantly in the area, at some point the goal may come. Maybe we went too far back “ said Ioannidis after the 1-1 draw with AEK, “We gave the whole second half” commented Carlitos. The perception of things exists, but what happens on the grass is a very different situation, with Panathinaikos in the second part of the match with the “Union” being helpless.

Of course, the same thing had happened to Aris, although with a player less in the second half, but again everything related to the attack was absent. And with Asteras Tripolis in the premiere of the Playoffs, the last part of the match was a great effort just to leave unscathed the “clover” that was finally punished severely in 97 ‘and there are other examples during the season.

The physical condition and the person under the goalposts

The issue of fitness at Panathinaikos becomes apparent in the last part of the games. The legs start and become quite heavy, especially when it comes to situations where the team is constantly defending. Along with the psychological weight in defense for a long time, at some point the mind will be clouded, the reaction will be … a click slower than that of the attacking and confident opponent.

And the psychedelic of the case came to be confirmed with the reaction of Veleth to the goal of Livai in 91 ‘, when he was pulling his shirt and he could not believe that another match is lost in such a way … And obviously this feeling floods Panathinaikos .

As for the goalkeeper of the “clover”, Socrates Dioudis, in another match where he and his defense were on constant alert for 45 minutes, the statistics are such that they speak of 15 finals of AEK and 9 of his own saves, against of only one that Tsintontas had. The latter, simply had a role … spectator throughout the second 45 minutes. In the match with Aris again he had to be on full alert with the goals coming from against Molos who favored Manos and “rebound” of Mateo in repulse, with Nias not going first on the ball.

Against Olympiakos, things went very wrong, the defense and Dioudis had coped well against PAOK on the Avenue, while the team had collapsed again to 2-2 with Asteras in Tripoli … The psychedelic process of mass defense to .. to avoid something that seems a matter of time, almost never helped anyone. And it does not help Panathinaikos either …