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Panathinaikos: We mentioned yesterday that Selvin Mack is not sure that he will stay in Trifylli. He has signed a two-month contract with the “greens” and this expires at the beginning of next month, while yesterday in the game with Real he was injured. In the next few days it will be clarified whether it will be renewed or not until the end of the season.

As there is a possibility that the cooperation between the two sides will not continue, Exasteros is obliged to find solutions, so that he is ready if the need arises. The image of the market shows that it will find the solution from the NBA, where many players are and will be cut.

Giorgos Vovoras would like to get a player with European experience, but generally he wants a player who will do his job. Former Zalgiris playmaker, Derrick Walton, is leaving the Sixers and is likely to be an option for Panathinaikos, in case Mac always does not continue. Walton was owned by Jasikevicius in Zalgiris, while last year, the American played in the NBA with Detroit and the Clippers.

It could also employ Josh Gray, who was employed before Pierre Jackson was acquired. Gray was a few days ago to sign for a Turkish team, but this did not happen in the end. In fact, Gray is a player that Vovoras likes very much, but the Greek coach did not prefer him in the summer, due to his non-European experience. But perhaps Ios’s reasoning has changed now.

Finally, it is not ruled out that Panathinaikos will move essentially this time for Naz Mitrou-Long, who will hardly continue with the Indiana Pacers.

In addition to being a good player, Long can also obtain a Greek passport, since his mother is Greek. His brother, Eliza, is already playing here, and more specifically in PAOK. However, the young playmaker is playing as a foreigner, since his Greek passport has not been issued yet.

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