Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee: The sex tape becomes a series! – Celebrities

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were one of the most popular couples in the ’90s. Aside from the popularity of each of the well-known and versatile star-actor-model, as well as the well-known Motley Crue drummer, the couple’s troubled relationship occupied the headlines in the middle of that decade for mainly scandalous reasons.

The well-known case from the famous sex tape that saw the light of day in 1995, gathered all the lights of every dark side of an intense and special relationship, with several quarrels and separations, but also of a marriage that started with a similar peculiarity, that is, 96 hours after meeting them.

All this, with an emphasis mainly on the video that shook showbiz and shook their relationship by showing their personal love moments, will “dress” the upcoming Hulu series with a name “Pam & Tommy “.

Protagonists, the Lily James and Sebastian Stan, who will play the eponymous couple in a series of eight episodes, with Seth Rogen taking on the role of the man who stole and released the tape to avenge them, a technician who had found their home for repairs, His dismissal, however, was episodic. Recall that the couple had sued the video distribution company, but now it was too late, as it had been released on the screens of millions of homes.

The series is expected to be screened next spring on the platform, directed Craig Gillespie and screenplay by Rob Siegel. In fact, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee reportedly know about the new production, without having any involvement in it.

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