Pagoni: Not even Easter in our villages – In the summer on holidays with protection measures

The president of the hospital doctors of Athens and Piraeus, Matina Pagoni, expressed her opposition to the number of 9 people at the festive table, but also to the opening of the churches in the presence of the faithful, speaking to SKAI and the show TODAY.

“I strongly disagree with the number of 9 people at the holiday table, because the virus is very easily transmitted within the family. Only the family of members will sit at the table to dine. Otherwise I am afraid that it will be transmitted for sure, because if there is an asymptomatic person from the other family, everyone can get stuck. “When you sit at a table you will not have a distance of more than 2 meters to eat and there will be no masks”, he stated characteristically.

Regarding the opening of the market, he pointed out that customers can not enter even small shops with so many cases, while he noted that the services should be done with priests and chanters and “the rest of the world should be at home to pray from there and watch the service on TV “.

He added that these must be observed, “because we have difficult months ahead of us”, as the other viruses start in January.

Asked when the restrictive measures will be lifted, Ms. Pagoni commented “how to talk about lifting restrictions when we have more than 1,200 cases a day? The cases may have started to decrease, but we expected these days with the measures in force that there was a much greater reduction of cases “.

He pointed out that “we will not celebrate Easter in the villages either”, while we should wear masks and observe the protection measures in the summer, as by June about 60% of the population will have been vaccinated. But even then we will not throw away the masks. This will take place in late summer, early September.