PAE Aris: “Your rubles do not pass, forget what you did and knew” | Superleague Interwetten

In its announcement, the PAE Aris wonders if there is a prosecutor on the issue of disclosure of personal information (in this case Marios Ciambani) from PAOK FC which she invites (if she wants) to talk about her own contracts.

The announcement of PAE Aris:

«Well, it’s time for us to talk, because obviously some people have taken our stance in recent days as a weakness (with their minds …)

We will say it as clearly as possible. And in their own “language”. From now on, the PAE ARIS it will not let anything fall down. NOTHING. Our fellow citizens have crossed the “red lines” and we are happy to inform them that from now on they will find us in front of them…

It is obvious that our fellow citizens are confused after their defeat. They can not accept that ARIS broke their undefeated record again. Like last season. They can’t digest it…

With threats and immoral attacks against him Marios Ciambani they try to mislead their followers and justify their mistakes and inadequacies in order to contain their anger.

We live in the same city, do not think we do not see them. Can we tell you something? Your rubles no longer pass. Take the hump. Forget what you did and knew. These times have passed irrevocably.

Also, tell the sites and channels that belong to you (all of Greece knows them now …) that we do not eat the… hay that you serve. Your propaganda no longer convinces even the fans of your own team (really there on the … “open channel” will you show us at some point the result of your vote for the derby referee? All of Greece is laughing with you). Especially his world ARIS he knows well, now.

The fun with you ends here. Now begins the “hard rock”. You do not respect him ARIS; You will be afraid of him from now on.

Forget him ARIS that you knew. We will “say” them from now on wherever you want. And get used to it. Because from now on the “project” will go like this. Not only will we not succumb to threats and blackmail, but you will find us in front of you. Things will become more unpleasant for you. Get ready for “hard rock”, since that’s how you want to “play”.

The ARIS family is more united than ever. SINCE WHEN!

PS1: We do not give an account for the contracts we sign with our players. We decide. Do you want to talk about your own contracts? Do you want to talk about previous years?

PS2: Is there a prosecutor to intervene for the leakage of personal data?

Υ.Γ. 3: We apologize to the people of our team for the style of the announcement. But we are forced to respond in the same way to the immoral war we are waging. Only then will they understand us …».