Operation Freedom: These are the forms we will fill out before the vaccination

Also during their appointment the citizens are asked to fill in a questionnaire which gives their history.

Operation Freedom: How to get the coronavirus vaccine

The code name “Freedom” will have the vaccination operation of the population in Greece, which will start immediately after the approval by the European Organization and the receipt of Pfizer preparations, announced yesterday the Prime Minister Mr. Mitsotakis, from the floor of Parliament.

The company includes the process of transporting and storing the vaccines, the preparation of the vaccination centers and the process for closing the appointments.

The Prime Minister stressed that the primary goal is to get the vaccine “free” and safely to all parts of the country and for every citizen. He even spoke of a “complex exercise” and made special reference to the 1,018 vaccination centers and the 65 mobile units that will be vaccinated for the coronavirus.

As Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated, “in the coming weeks our country will face the vaccination bet”, while he underlined that “there is no precedent, but we have no choice but to complete the bet successfully”.

He warned, however, that “the threat will lurk until 60% of the population is vaccinated and that is why the commitment to the measures must continue. “We will wear a mask during the vaccine and we will wear a mask after the vaccine,” he concluded.

How to make an appointment

Pharmacies, KEP and two digital ways will enable citizens to make appointments to get the coronavirus vaccine.

As the Minister of Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, has informed, the citizen, based on the prioritization that will be announced, will have the opportunity to book the 2 appointments for the doses of the vaccine (with a specific time and date) in the following ways: through the platform emvolio.gov.gr, through the platform for intangible prescribing, in pharmacies, in KEP.

There will be confirmation of appointments but also the possibility of change, while it is not excluded that other ways will be added for the citizens to make appointments.

A mechanism is also being designed so that one can join the prioritization regardless of whether one has an AMKA.

As the government spokesman announced earlier, Stelios Petsas, a total of 300,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine will be available in the first month of 2021 in our country, which means that 150,000 citizens will be vaccinated (as the dose of each vaccine is double), said the government official. representative, Stelios Petsas.

“We have good and bad news about the vaccine. We will get the vaccines faster but we will get less. “All of Europe will get less, therefore Greece will also get less, but we will get it faster, because it seems that the approval from the European Organizations will come faster”, said Mr. Petsas in “Parapolitika 90,1”, estimating that “Possibly the first vaccine in our country to be made even before the end of the year, in 2020.”

“Pfizer vaccines, for example, appear to be about 40% less than originally planned, at least for January,” he said, adding that “what we get will be a little over 300,000. In the coming days we will specialize in this. “

Mr. Petsas also underlined that the government’s effort includes, first of all, the prioritization, the way of informing the citizens and the Vaccination Centers.

“The very crucial thing in this whole chain is to start the distribution from the warehouses – where there will be large freezers – to the Vaccination Centers. This will determine the effectiveness of the Plan. It is a titanic work. In its operation, it does not matter so much if you have 300,000 or if you have 600,000 vaccines “, he stated, emphasizing that” we focus, therefore, in January on the operation of the System, so that everything goes well “.

“And from February onwards, to have the largest quantities we expect and to continue the vaccination more massively beyond the most vulnerable groups and the health ones”, he added and pointed out that “there is a disposition in Europe to go very conservatively, regarding plans in all countries, so as not to cultivate expectations, which will then be dashed “.

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