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Olympic: Eindhoven will face Olympiacos in the “32” of the Europa League with Piraeus avoiding the big names from the group of strong in the draw. The Dutch had found their way to PAOK in the group stage of the tournament, finishing with 12 points in first place above Granada.

He defeated Omonia twice (1-2 and 4-0), got a “double” in Spain (0-1), but lost to the Netherlands (1-2). Unlike PAOK, it lost 4-1 in Toumba but won 3-2 at home.

So the team from the big port has satisfactory writing samples for the Dutch club, which this year is in 2nd place, three points behind the champion Ajax, counting just one defeat after 12 games.

The advantage of Olympiacos

Giorgos Karagiannis, who spoke to Sportdog, stands in the detailed picture that Olympiacos has obtained from Eindhoven’s games with PAOK. for the opponent of the Red and Whites in the “32” of Europa League.

“The experience it has from both games is an important advantage for Olympiakos”, the Metrosport editor initially comments and points out: “The great European experience of the Piraeus team is equally important. Eindhoven as a team is a big name historically, but we are talking about a team that, except for a few players, has no experience from Europe. There is Goethe and beyond that chaos. It has fair-skinned players. They lack experience, something that was seen in the way he fights».

Instability in defense will bring goals

What are the weaknesses of the Dutch team? «She does not play well in her defense. It has a lot of instability. I was negatively surprised by her reaction to the high pressure of PAOK. At least in the first game he was easily led into mistakes. It was impressive that they had not read any of the PAOK players. Anyone who knows PAOK knows that they have to face their two ends, Zivkovic and Tzolis, and that they always converge and shoot. They did not know that. They allowed these two players to race as they wished. So I believe that Olympiacos will score in both games. This means that it has many chances to passHe replies.

But there are some elements of Eindhoven that need attention. «It is a very fast team. Zahavi and Malen played in front of Toumba. Big problems were created from the right, the back, Damfris, who hit on the Achilles heel, if you remember, of PAOK in that game, Crespo. The Spaniard had to be placed (due to Giannoulis’ injury) left back. He had a party! In this game, PAOK’s weaknesses “shouted”».

The key to qualifying

The colleague considers that “the key for Olympiakos is how it will face the ends of Eindhoven”. Because half of her game passes through Dumfries feet

«Offensively he will score goals. The issue is how to stop the opponent. The biggest problem of Olympiacos this season is its extremities. That is why he did a bad course for his data in his groups Champions League. However, I consider that Olympiacos is a favorite against Eindhoven“, Concludes George Karagiannis speaking to Sportdog.

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