Olympiacos: Hassan in Portugal, optimistic messages

THE Ahmed Hassan is gone for her Portugal after special permission given to him. What about her subject health of.

A ray of optimism for him Ahmed Hassan, who was infected by coronavirus when he traveled to Egypt for his obligations with the national team. The footballer’s health presented a complication, as a result of which it remains unknown exactly when he will return.

His update Olympic reported that the player will return in January, but no one can say for sure. The issue is that in the last few days the health of the 27-year-old striker is showing signs of improvement, resulting in optimism.

Hassan also got a special permit from Olympiakos and left Greece. The player is in Portugal where he will continue to follow the instructions of the medical staff of Piraeus, while at the same time he will be in constant contact with them. The Egyptian will return to Greece after the holidays with his teammates.

She will undergo a new exam when she returns to our country and with the hope that her result will be positive and she will be able to enter training soon. At the moment there is just an optimism for the Egyptian. However, if Hassan does return, there will be no question of acquiring a striker. Still, no one can say for sure about the issue of Egypt and everything is very fluid.

The issue, however, is quite delicate and the footballer gives his own battle in order to be able to return to action as soon as possible.

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