Official: These cars will be manufactured in Greece

Our country will have an assembly plant for electric vehicles. The confirmation was made by the Prime Minister himself in Parliament.

Investment above EUR 100 million will perform at Hellas the German car industry Next.e.GO, which manufactures electric cars.

In fact, tomorrow in a special online event o CEO of the German car industry professor Ulrich Hermann and the deputy. for Economic Diplomacy Costas Frangogiannis are expected to sign a memorandum of understanding between the two sides, with the ultimate goal of manufacture of electric cars in Hellas.

In fact, the event acquires a festive character as the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the leadership of the Ministry of Development and Investment under the Adonis Georgiadis and his deputy Nikos Papathanasis.

The specific investment is one another vote of confidence to Greek Economy but also government policy, as announced after the investment that will be made by the VW group in Astypalea, transforming the Greek island into the first Green Island in Europe.

However according to information of has not yet been decided on location where will build the electric car assembly plant, however many Municipalities and Regions they give… Earth and water to attract the specific investment that will initially be employed hundreds of employees.

What is e.GO?

The company Next.e.GO Mobile SE was created 2015 by his university professor of engineering Dr. Aachen Günther Schuh. Today he is busy 450 employees and manufactures electrically cars which are available at affordable prices suitable for traffic within the city.

The first model he made bears the logo e.GO Life, which is currently sold under 16,000 euros. The e.GO Life assembled at the factory in Aachen, which in full operation produces 10,000 cars per year.

E.Go in 2019 took part for the first time at the famous Geneva International Motor Show presenting the prototype e.GO Life Concept Sport, as well as various other versions of the e.Go, but also the e.Go People Mover electric bus. Also, in 2020 the company would be present again in Geneva with the production version of the above prototype, but due to coronavirus we remind that the Report was canceled.

According to the company, the surface 16,000 square meters Its industrial complex is a model of a modern automobile industry, all parts of which will be connected using the latest digital technology. In fact, this applies not only to production, but to the whole range of the company’s activities from design to assembly, but also to sales. In fact, this unit will be expanded next year, in order to double its production.

Three versions…

The e.GO Life is the basic model of the company while at the same time there are two more versions, one of which is concept.

We basically have the basic version e.GO Life and e.GO Life Sport with sporty features while the concept model e.GO Life Cross is the την off road version of the electric car.

The basic model e.GO Life constitutes a two-door four-seater model with 21.5 KW battery, 57 kW electric motor (77 hp) from Bosch and a total weight of 1.2 tons. Its autonomy in the city amounts to 203 kilometers, while in the national road network its autonomy is reduced to 139 kilometers.

The construction of the model is done on an aluminum frame, while its body is made of special plastic-polymer material. E.Go emphasizes that many of its parts can be recycled at the end of the “life” of the car.

At the same time, the company points out that there is no possibility of fast charging on purpose! “Many people think that one good electric car must have great autonomy. In the end, however, such a vehicle is very large and heavy, so it consumes large amounts of energy “point out its executives e.GO Mobile.

Watch video from the presentation of e.GO Life Concept Sport & e.GO Life Concept Cross:

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