OAED 400 euros: 63% of unemployed have submitted IBAN – Deadline expires 17/12

To date, almost 82,000 (63%) of the total 130,000 beneficiaries have confirmed or registered their bank account (IBAN) data for the payment of the new emergency financial assistance of € 400 to the long-term unemployed, as part of government measures to provide direct support to the unemployed . The Labor Employment Organization (OAED) has already paid the 400 euros to 77,500 (95%) of the 82,000 beneficiaries with IBAN.

Until Thursday, December 17, at 23:59, the beneficiaries must confirm or register the details of individual or joint bank account (IBAN), in which they are beneficiaries or co-beneficiaries, through gov.gr, with the passwords TAXISnet or OAED , to the address: .

Specifically, the route is: gov.gr → Work and insurance → Unemployment → Extraordinary financial assistance to the long-term unemployed.

Beneficiaries are the registered non-subsidized unemployed who acquired the status of long-term unemployed – ie exceeded 12 months of continuous registered unemployment – during the period from March 1 to November 25, 2020, remained registered unemployed until November 25 and did not receive the previous one-time financial assistance of EUR 400.

According to a relevant announcement, only the beneficiaries have access to the electronic platform. The accounts of the beneficiaries are credited within three working days, after the payment of 400 euros by OAED. The financial support is tax-free, unsecured and is not counted in the income limits for the payment of any social or welfare benefit.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ