Nichaus: “Justified decision the penalty, fortunately I do not know Greek” | Superleague Interwetten

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The Dutch referee gave an interview to Meso of his homeland and shared his experience from the Thessaloniki derby.

«They have two inputs for the players to enter and at half time we used the same input as the PAOK. But we knew that. In the end, it was good that we do not know Greek. But we understood some things from the reception. Later, the groups met at this point.

The decision for the penalty was justified, and he checked it VAR, so there is no discussion about it. At least that is what we believe».

For the yellow cards he said: «I am known as a referee who tolerates a lot, but I could not do otherwise with these violations. I can not remember when was the last time I got a yellow card in the Netherlands».

For the derby: «The temperament of the players and the coaches is very great. It was a fast-paced game from the start. Feyenoord – Ajax also has strong emotions, but this match was something different, more intense, more aggressive. They protested against my every decision. Think about what would happen if the stadium was full.

I think it was a great experience. In Greece there is a traffic ban after 21:00 due to the coronavirus, but we saw his fans Mars to celebrate on the balconies lighting torches».

About how he found himself in the derby: «I got a request from him Clattenberg, the old English referee, who is the head of the Greek arbitration. They often bring in foreign referees for important games and I understand why. The whole week the press and the fans were talking about this game. I noticed it on Monday as well. Everyone deals with the referee. Because I am a foreigner, I did not understand anything more and that is why I dieted more comfortably».