New payments start in the coming days

THE OPEKEPE is ready for payments and it is possible that they will start tomorrow Thursday or Friday at the latest, until they are completed before Christmas.

In its central computer system OPEKEPE The posting of the amounts related to the repayment of the basic aid, the greening and the support of the young farmers under 40 years of age was completed early on the afternoon of Tuesday 15 December.

This will be followed by the payment of 126 million euros for olive growers and the compensatory compensation of around 250 million euros, appropriations that will be completed by Christmas Eve.

It is noted that for payment on December 16 it seems that the administrators of OPEKEPE also spoke in their briefing to the Board of the Federation of Producers Associations of Central and Western Macedonia, Thessaly, Thrace, as mentioned in a relevant post of the Federation on December 12 facebook .

In any case, the days have come for the payment of the basic, the greening and the increased aid this year for young farmers under 40 years of age.

Most likely, the crediting of the compensatory compensation of 2020 will start from the 24th of the month.

So the schedule is as follows:

No later than next Friday, December 18, the 977 million euros are expected to be credited to the accounts of the beneficiary producers, corresponding to the balance of the basic, greening and support of young farmers.

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OPEKEPE is expected to pay the compensation on the 24th of the month, ie next week.

Regarding the olive oil aid of 126.3 million euros, the payment may run on the 24th of the month.

A few days before the payment of the compensation, OPEKEPE gives clarifications regarding the objections of the rejected. As mentioned, regarding the first classification of M13 for the year 2020 and the unapproved producers with rejection code 5: “The applicant has left the active professional activity – retiree with immediate pension”, following clarifications given by EFKA to OPEKEPE and after a recent processing of the file which has been sent by the said body, cases of producers were found that concern retirees due to the death of a spouse or parent and who will be excluded from the rejection code (5) during the second classification.

As OPEKEPE informs, from Tuesday, December 15, the results of remote sensing checks within the framework of the basic aid and green aid were posted, in the electronic application “Farmer’s Card” for farmers falling within a control sample. The notification of the control results is done electronically and it is considered that it has been legally notified after ten days for the basic aid, while especially for the green aid it will work until 08/01/2021, in order to give the interested ones the opportunity for further examination of the cases of reduction due to control.

The relevant announcement of OPEKEPE in detail. as follows:

We inform you that for the information of the producers, today the results of remote control controls were posted in the framework of the Basic Aid and Green Aid, in the electronic application “Farmer’s Card” for the farmers that fall under a control sample.

The notification of the control results is done electronically and it is considered that it has been legally notified after the lapse of ten days, from their posting in the account of the person liable in the electronic application “Farmer’s Card” in the information system of OPEKEP .Ε ..

For more information on the test results it is necessary to enter the application “Farmer Card”

In order to be able to enter the application, it is necessary to obtain a password and create a personal account from the page in the option “REGISTRATION REQUEST”. Instructions for creating a personal account and receiving a code are contained in the file https: // … It is pointed out that the producers, who have submitted an Online Single Aid Application for the years 2014- 2020 is NOT required to receive a password again.

In addition, we inform you that the special application for submitting objections against the results of audits by remote sensing under the Green Aid, will operate until 08/01/2021, in order to give those interested the opportunity to further examine the cases of reduction due to audits.

This application is already available at the local KYD (Application Reception Centers), where those interested will be able to submit a relevant request for objection.

It is noted that the beneficiaries who have submitted the EAE 2020 online, can submit an objection with the codes of their personal account by entering the page in the selection menu “OBJECTIONS” . Clarifications regarding the manner of submitting objections have been posted in the “MANUALS” menu.