New “invitation” to candidates (ASEP)

ASEP sent an “invitation” for sending envelopes to candidates.

ASEP sent an “invitation” for sending envelopes to candidates.

This is the coverage of 100 positions (DE Secretaries) without a new announcement and without the submission of a new application by runners-up of the ASEP Announcement 8Κ / 2017.

The selection of the nominees for the new positions will be made after the control of the qualifications, criteria and qualities of the candidates of this announcement (8K / 2017) based on the supporting documents that have been submitted with their application for participation in the above procedure and in the order they have in the ranking tables of the DE SECRETARIAT sector.

Qualifications or qualities acquired after the deadline (07/ 08/2017) applications for participation in the above call are not considered.

According to the attached TABLE OF POSITIONS they are called candidates who had initially stated their preference in their application form for position codes 335-338 and 361 (in which there are now positions of large children / children with many children, three children / children with three children, people with disabilities and relatives with disabilities that were not provided in the original announcement) to submit Responsible statement of law 1599/1986 that it had the appropriate status until August 7, 2017, the expiration date of the deadline for submission of electronic applications of the Announcement 8K / 2017, as well as the supporting documents required for the proof of the specific properties.

The submission of the above is done only by post, by registered letter, in an envelope of size A4 or in a special envelope ASEP POST distributed by ELTA, stating> until Thursday 31 December 2020.

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