New donation – “mammoth” for a good cause – Newsbeast

From the first moment of her divorce from Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mackenzie, one of the richest women in the world, had pledged to donate half of her fortune for public benefit purposes.

Mackenzie currently has a fortune of $ 60.7 billion. From the settlement to the much-praised divorce he had left with 36 billion and immediately started donations.

But her wealth continues to grow, as she owns 4% of its shares Amazon, which continues to gallop in the stock market. In 2020, its fortune increased by $ 23.6 billion.

Mackenzie recently announced that she had given another $ 4.1 billion in the past four months to 384 charities and food banks in 50 US states.

A few months after her other mammoth donation in July, she donated another $ 1.68 billion to 116 charities.

Mackenzie described his pandemic coronavirus as a “catastrophe for the lives of Americans who were already fighting,” especially women, minority people and the poor of all colors.

“And at the same time,” he observes, the pandemic “has significantly increased the wealth of billionaires.”

She is one of them, of course, as Bloomberg estimated that her fortune increased by $ 23.6 billion in the coronavirus. Making her one of the richest women in the world, if not the richest.