Natalie Kakkava is shocked with her confession – “I will not forget these hours”

See everything Natalie Kakkava wrote on Instagram.

In a post made by Natalie Kakkava on her personal Instagram account, she shared a personal event with her online friends and her words really break hearts.

“It was 14 months ago when one night I suddenly felt a strange lump on my chest .. I can not describe to you what I felt .. My legs began to tremble… Fear and panic .. Mainly for my children .. Manoules I think Do you understand me .. We ran in panic in the night with Grigoris .. I will never forget these hours .. Until the results come out I think we never stopped crying .. Fortunately the diagnosis was breast fibroadenoma .. Relief ..

Not because I am afraid of death .. But because I want to be able to see my boys independently .. Do not need me anymore .. Since then I do breast ultrasound every 6 months and mammography every year .. And every time the anxiety is the same .. Until I hear “All is well” my heart is going to break…

Do not neglect your exams .. Prevention is the best treatment .. Especially women who are over 40 is tragic negligence not to do them .. We owe it above all to ourselves but also to all those who love and love us αγα » , wrote Natalie Kakkava.