My Style Rocks: She came out the winner of the day but she was probably not happy at all

My Style Rocks: Her reaction and anxiety for the final reality show

Katerina Stikoudi informed the participants about the change in the flow of the game, shortly before the grand final.

Specifically, in the episode that will be shown on the afternoon of Thursday, December 17, one or one of the participants will say goodbye to My Style Rocks, one breath before the final.

In today’s episode of Wednesday, the girls with the highest score were Katia Fourtouni, η and η Eri Loli.

With the final grade of Spyros, the result of the voting was determined, with Katia emerging as the winner of the Day! In fact, Katerina Stikoudi asked for two words from her. Only Katia, despite her success, admitted that she is now anxious, since at this stage the priority for her is the grand final.

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