“Mr. Evangelize, you are a television dictator”

An intense verse tale had yesterday o Nikos Evangelatos and lawyer Vassilis Noulezas, known from the case of the redhead accused of kidnapping a 10-year-old girl in Thessaloniki.

The journalist covered yesterday’s MEGA Live News with the case of a doctor – “monkey” in Crete, whom he took to the air, after he had previously hosted his victims.

Immediately after the accused, the president of the Medical Association, Chania, was to speak. Voula Orfanoudaki, however, it was overtaken by Mr. Noulezas, who represents the 62-year-old monkey doctor.

An intense dialogue ensued between the presenter and the lawyer, with the latter claiming that the journalist was putting intense pressure on his guest.

«You are putting a lot of pressure on the accused Mr. Evangelate to answer you about issues that concern the substance of the case. If you call someone you should give them a chance to talkSaid Mr. Noulezas characteristically to receive the answer that the time of the bulletin is limited.

“On such terms, I do not accept to be invited. You do not allow anyone to speak… You are a television dictator! “ the lawyer told him twice…