Mosialos at MEGA: We do not know if vaccines prevent the spread of the disease

Elias Mosialos, professor of Health Policy at the London School of Economics (LSE), spoke to MEGA about the effectiveness and importance of vaccination, the partnerships of companies in the field of vaccines and the coronavirus mutations.

Regarding the vaccine against coronavirus, he said: “Vaccines protect us. We do not know if they prevent the spread of the disease. This does not mean that if I get the vaccine I do not necessarily protect my neighbors. If we do a lot, the wall in front of the corona will be created there. Do not rest if we do the vaccine. “While we are protected, we can transmit the coronavirus to our neighbors, who may be in vulnerable groups.”

Regarding the approval procedures for the coronavirus vaccine by the European Medicines Agency (EOF), he stressed that “there is no discount in the procedure. They meet 8 days earlier, once the vaccine has been approved by three other regulators. The British, the Canadians and the Americans. The latter made the approval process open. Everyone could watch it. I hope that EOF will do a similar open process “.

Regarding whether vaccinated people who are immunosuppressed or suffer from autoimmune diseases will be vaccinated, he claimed that people belonging to such categories participated in the clinical studies of the vaccines.

“We are waiting for the final decision of the US Agency in the coming days, where the categories of vulnerabilities included in the clinical trials will be clarified. “Do not create the impression that those who belong to these categories of vulnerable groups will not be vaccinated,” he explained.

He also said that there should be no concern about the coronavirus mutation, as the biggest one took place in February. “This coronavirus is evolving very slowly. He has changed a bit, but the vaccines we have are catching him, “he added.

In addition, it was impressive that Astra Zeneca is collaborating with the Russian Institute that invented the Russian coronavirus vaccine.

Finally, he said he was optimistic about the Russian vaccine, “because they use a similar technique to Oxford and more complex. The good thing is that Astra Zeneca has huge production potential “.

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