Melania Trump took off her mask to read a fairy tale in a pediatric hospital

Melania Trump violated a pediatric hospital’s policy of using a mask as she removed it to read a story to children.

As she does every year, since she became First Lady, Trump visited the Children’s National Hospital this year as well. She arrived there wearing a mask, but when she took her seat in front of a Christmas tree to read a children’s fairy tale, she removed it.

Although he kept the distance, the hospital regulations require all visitors to wear a mask. This rule applies to all public areas of the hospital, and provides that a mask should be used “all the time” when someone is close to other people.

The White House said in a statement that the number of people participating this year was limited and that all attendees were required to wear a mask and keep their distance.

“During the visit, the hospital protocol was implemented for the speakers regarding the masks which, based on the instructions for the area, provide that it is not required when someone gives a speech, for transmission or to a live audience, to wear a mask, with provided that no one is at a distance of about 2 meters “, said the announcement, which also pointed out that during the event the First Lady was at a distance of more than 3.6 meters from the others.

Hospital spokeswoman Diana Troise also cited instructions from Washington health officials rather than hospital policy when responding to CNN on the issue. He noted that these rules do not require the use of a mask by a speaker, as long as no one is at a distance of about 2 meters.

“In the case of today’s visit, while the First Lady removed her mask while reading a fairy tale, she was more than 3.6 meters away from the others in the large vestibule. “Everyone else in the area was wearing a mask,” he said, adding that Melania Trump wore a mask for the rest of the visit.

With information from CNN

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