Maximou “ate” the Editorial Director of VIMA

Interview of the Prime Minister a year ago with the journalist Dimitra Kroustalli, for “To Vima”


Really, in what regime do we live?

The Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper “VIMA” Dimitra Kroustalli was forced to resign, for a report on the double books at EODY, a report that was not liked at the Maximos Palace. So, yesterday, the colleague was forced to resign.

And today he uploaded the following post on Facebook in which he confesses the pressures from Maximou: “On Monday I left Vima and I confess that this was a possibility that never crossed my mind. Following the publication of the report on the parallel and ineffective system for recording coronary cases by IDIKA and EODY, suffocating pressure was exerted by the Maximos Palace. It turned into an internal tension and brought me to the dilemma: personal and professional humiliation or resignation “.

The report was published in “VIMA” two weeks ago and created great fear. Maximou got annoyed and started calling on Sunday morning. Result, first, to degrade the issue, even the other media of the Marinakis group “buried” it, “buried” in other words their own revelation.

Result, second, the resignation of the editor and Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper.

Really, the director of the newspaper Antonis Karakousis is not bothered by all this?