Maria Solomou: “I will not get the coronavirus vaccine”

The well-known actress and presenter expressed her intention not to get the coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available in Greece Maria Solomou.

In particular, speaking on Katerina Kainourgiou’s show, Maria Solomou, who in the past has stressed that she is not scared of the coronavirus, while she would have no problem communicating in the midst of a pandemic, referred to the measures ahead of Christmas, but also to the vaccine against COVID- 19.

After stating that she would like to spend Christmas with her ex-partner Mario Athanassiou and their son, however this can not be done due to measures against the spread of the coronavirus, she expressed her objections.

“I do not understand how I will spend Christmas. I’m a Christmas person. I want to do New Year with my son and his dad. How is this going to be done; Why do I have to stay at my ex-partner’s house and spend the night? You are forcing my child to make a special New Year! “ stated, among others, Maria Solomou.

Answering now about whether she will get the coronavirus vaccine, Maria Solomou was clear:

“I am not one of those people who will get the vaccine. I am very negative for one thousand five hundred reasons that I will not say. If it becomes mandatory for children, well there I will become a human shield I, forward, kill me!

I am very “curious” about vaccines. I am scared of vaccines whether they are for Covid or measles.

In general, I believe that people should be vaccinated from an age and above, who are vulnerable groups, those who are in real danger and who are of an advanced age “.

See in the following video what Maria Solomou said:

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