Mareva continues the walks in the middle of quarantine – From Parnitha to .. Kalamata

The wife of Prime Minister Mareva Mitsotakis was found from Parnitha in Kalamata, with the word quarantine unknown to her, as can be seen from the excursions she makes every now and then.

At a time when the police are handing out fines for .. “pointless” travel, such as a cancer patient because he moved out of the county for chemotherapy, Mareva Mitsotaki went to Kalamata on Tuesday to change her mood a bit and to accompany executives of the fashion house Dior, who visited the Museum of Greek Costumes “Victoria Karelia”.

The executives of the big fashion house showed interest in the traditional costumes, presented in the collection “Victoria G. Karelia”, as they plan to create a collection on the occasion of the completion of 200 years since the beginning of the Greek Revolution. Rightly so, they visited the Museum. The Prime Minister’s wife, however, in what capacity did she travel to Kalamata? Was her presence so necessary for the tour of the house’s executives in the museum that she could not be absent in the middle of a lockdown?

It seems that the uproar that broke out from her walks in Parnitha passed and did not touch, since she continues her walks relentlessly, indifferent to the measures and regulations.