Logical response to the extreme right-wing slogans of Mitaraki


For “unprecedented logical acrobatics” that draw arguments from the pre-election, far-right Samara rhetoric for the recapture of cities by illegal immigrants, George Kaminis accuses the Minister of Immigration and Asylum, on the occasion of a post by Notis Mitarakis on Twitter.

In his post, Mr. Mitarakis, more or less, blames the SYRIZA government and the town hall of the head of the Immigration Policy department of KIN.ALL. “Very large increase of immigrants in Athens”.

The latest statements of the two politicians are a continuation of the controversy over the social integration of refugees.

Posting again on twitter, the minister had commented on Mr. Kaminis’s speech in Parliament on Saturday on the budget, in which the MP criticized the government’s dangerous inaction on the crucial issue of the social integration of refugees.

Mr. Kaminis’s answer was immediate. “It is unforgivable for the country and its prospects that the politician in charge of immigration appears so short-sighted, so cut off from the international reality, so ready to resurrect stereotypes and ideologies,” he said. He stressed that the integration of refugees into the labor market is a precondition for “they and their families, hungry and wandering, not to end up in Victoria Square and elsewhere.”