Linou: The decision for the churches is right, as long as the measures are observed – What he said about the vaccine

The decision to open churches for individual prayer, “is right, as long as the measures are observed,” said Professor of Epidemiology, Athena Linou.

In addition, he pointed out the need for each house to create its own “bubble”, in view of the holidays.

He also noted that this “bubble” should be the same for as long as needed, as if the companies are constantly changing, the risk of spreading the virus increases. He characteristically said that to those who are outside our “bubble” we should wish “by phone and electronically”.

For the vaccine

Commenting on the issue of approval of the vaccine by the European Medicines Agency on December 21, Ms. Linou, speaking to Open, said that it is a “very good development”, but clarified that it is “crucial when we will receive the doses” .

At the same time, Ms. Linou stressed that there should be no overcrowding in vaccination centers and that “we should convince people to be vaccinated.”

Regarding a third wave of the pandemic, Athena Linou stated that “if we manage to control the second wave and in combination with the vaccination by the end of January, maybe we can face the spread”.

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