Laura Narges: The ossifying response to hater for her “extra” pounds

The young presenter “cut” the hater who made a bitter comment about her appearance, as he deserves.

Employing her humor, the Laura Narges stunned everyone their haters commenting on her appearance. The young presenter is back on TV, as she appears in musical talent show “The Voice” every Sunday. Among the things that were said about her reappearance in the television events, there was also a bitter comment about her appearance, and specifically her weight. “Laura gained weight again, let’s send her to Survivor” was the message that made Narges go on the counterattack.

On this occasion toxic tweet, the presenter responded with humor and self-sarcasm through him her personal Twitter account writing “And there I will eat again” and posting an older photo than Survivor where he eats a burger as a prize.

So, with one impressive “sliced” The battle between the presenter and the “hater-scales” is over.