Larissa – Aris 84-88: Won away from home after 23 months! | Basket League: The Match

His last victory Mars before today on Of Larissa was on January 12, 2019 in Rethymno against the team of the same name. They mediated 17 Championship matches until the “yellows” find the next one.

Aris made an impressive start as they led 3-13 (3:30) with the spearhead of Vladimir Dragicevic who scored eleven points in the first ten minutes. Larissa made seven mistakes in the first period, but had answers… by Brandon Russ. The American emerged victorious from the duels with Quinton Decozi, continued to perform against the zone defense reaching 13 points and the quarter ended with a score of 21-23 as Aris tried to find points outside the 6.75 but had 1/7 attempts .

The hosts relied on their accuracy in the long shot (5/11 three-pointers) and escaped with a difference of 37-30 in the middle of the second period as Aris remained unlucky (3/12) from the same distance. The guests scored mainly through the mistakes of the opponent, and Larissa had more possessions through its dominance under the baskets and the half ended with a score of 47-42.

In the first minute of the second half, Aris lost Vladimir Dragicevic due to injury. The guests found balance with a lower form, Jamal Suler gave solutions and with an individual score of 5-14 they were ahead with 56-58 (24:30). Larissa relied again on the long shot to make its own upset and at the end of the season led 68-66.

Larissa drew energy from Ken Brown at the beginning of the last period (75-66), but Aris responded with the defenses of Slaftsakis and with 0-8 series (75-74, 36 ‘). The “yellows” took free shots to gain the lead with Kouzeloglou, they did not put any and Larissa maintained the short distance (82-78, 37:30). It all started from the beginning (82-82) 100 ” before the end as Jerry Smith wasted a lot of attacks by his team. In fact, Aris gained the lead (82-85, 39 ‘) with a three-pointer by Dimitris Stamatis. Slaftsakis made an important defense and Mario Chalmers scored a three-point shot (82-88) 24 ” before the end. The American also stole the match 7.2 ” before the end (84-88) and while Larissa had acquired the possession, sealing the victory of his team.

WON WHY: THE Mars he had something he missed in all the previous away games as he did not give up the game, at the critical point he took out defenses and put big shots like the two three-pointers of Stamatis, Chalmers

THEY DID THE DIFFERENCE: Jamal Σουλερ made his best appearance with the Mars jersey, Jamal Σουλερ put the big shot, while Diamantis Σλαφτσάκης made the necessary defenses.

UNSEEN HERO: John Kouzeloglou provided solutions to the attack.

THEY PASSED AND DID NOT TOUCH: Goodwin and Spyros Mourtos did not meet the requirements of the race while for Mars the same was true forn Quinton Decozy

KEY POINT: The two three-pointers of Stamatis, Chalmers in the last 64 ”

WHAT THEY THREW: THE Larissa made the mistake very easily and Mars had a terrific rebound difficulty.

THE PHASE OF THE MATCH: The amazing collaboration that resulted in his nailing Webb in the second ten minutes.

The ten minutes: 21-23, 47-42, 68-66, 84-88