Krystallia: She shows us her son’s room, just before she gives birth!

Krystallia: The photos from inside her house

She is definitely going through one of the most beautiful phases of her personal life, since she will soon experience motherhood. Krystallia is expecting her first child and the joy on her face is not hidden by anything.

Early last summer, the singer took on the role of presenter for The Booth, which then premiered on Open Air.

The lunch company even got the green light for the new season, with the now pregnant Krystallia leaving in order to give birth.

“Today is a very special day because I say goodbye to you with the baby shower. I left very suddenly with what happened. I feel very excited! It’s Christmas, it’s all festive, we are expecting the baby. It’s all together, so I’m terribly impatient.” were her words.

Krystallia has her son’s room ready, while she shared relevant photos with her friends on instagram.