Koutsopoulos’s message for the new MasterChef: “I sent a message to 13033, but I was arrested” (pics & vid) | Plus: Showbiz

The GNTM completed yesterday and now in Star preparing for the premiere of the new MasterChef, as yesterday the first trailer was also played.

This stars the three judges, but apart from him Leonida Koutsopoulos, τον Panos Ioannidis and the Sotiri Kontiza, there were four others. They were the winners of the previous competitions who stole the show …

The uncle Leonidas, commented in his own way, the 5th season of the cooking competition, writing: «I sent a message to 13033 with PASOK code. They stopped me in a block. They asked me where I was going. I replied that I would like to go “back” when we were spreading the laundry and the “sun” was drying it in 10 minutes … They did not understand … Finally they arrested me».