Kosioni: Her Christmas cookies and the “historic” photo – See how she posed

Of course, it is known that she does not have a trace of complexion for this and she posed awake and without make-up!

Of course, the issue in this photo is not only this, since the presenter of SKAI’s main news bulletin, days that she, in turn, wanted to make her own Christmas cookies.

So he woke up early, entered the kitchen, rolled up his sleeves and made the hat of the small Municipality, which will enjoy the delicious and crunchy cookies of mom.

“I also said early in the morning to make Christmas cookies. Big mistake! But it was a good opportunity to show the little one that effort counts! YG1: What do you want, sweetheart? Do what you know!
YG2: I put a filter somewhat sepia because the photo is really historical. I do not think it will come out similarly again in the near future.
YG3: Anyway, everything that survived was delicious! #christmascookies #christmas #homemade #morning #pastry #pastrychef #not “, she noted in the caption implying that something went wrong with her recipe and probably in the baking!

See her in the photo