Koronovirus – Switzerland: Top expert suggests strict quarantine – Closed shops and working with rules from home | WORLD

The top expert advising the Swiss government on the coronavirus pandemic called on it to impose immediate and strict quarantine to limit the rate of spread, echoing the calls of other scientists, officials and doctors.

“We believe we need very tough measures, the sooner the better,” said Martin Ackerman, who heads the independent scientific advisory body for COVID-19, during a press conference.

Switzerland: Proposal for closed restaurants and work from home with rules

Ackermann called for the closure of restaurants and shops selling unnecessary items as well as strict work rules from home. “We are afraid we will see closer contacts during the holidays at the end of the year,” he said. “We have a bad situation and a high risk that it will get worse.”


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Koronovirus -Switzerland: Hospitals call for tougher measures -Ski to be banned

Unlike its neighbors, Switzerland has so far avoided imposing another quarantine, insisting mainly on recommendations and ordering the closure of restaurants, bars and shops at 7pm in most parts of the country. The ski resorts remain open.

But with a reproduction rate of 1.13, signaling an exponential increase in infections, the government is under increasing pressure to announce further strengthening measures in its next official media briefing on Friday.

Switzerland has recorded 4,271 infections in the last 24 hours and 103 deaths. This month, more than 55,000 infections were confirmed and 962 people died from COVID-19 in the country of 8.5 million people.

Patrick Matisse, head of crisis management at Swiss health authorities and international co-operation, told the media that Switzerland had handled the second wave of the virus less well than its neighbors. He added that the number of infections remains stagnant or increasing in many other countries, but other countries have taken more extensive measures. “If we do not choose a similar path, we will continue to stand out in a negative way,” he said.

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