Koronovios – POEDIN: At the age of 13 the dead health workers – A 54-year-old nurse died

In 13 have risen employees in the field of health who lost their lives due to complications coronavirus, according to its president ΠΟΕΔΗΝ, Michalis Giannakos.

It’s about nurse 54 years old, who worked at the AHEPA hospital.

The unfortunate woman was working in a coronavirus clinic of the hospital. She lost her life to the virus she fought daily without fear. The president of POEDIN expressed his condolences to her family and the colleagues of the AHEPA hospital who are mourning their second colleague.

“It simply came to our notice then victim of war, immortal heroine. We will always remember her. She gave her life to care for patients with coronavirus. “For three weeks he fought for his life in the ICU but he did not succeed”, says Mr. Giannakos in his announcement.

“But her silence causes us anger government. We did not hear any condolences from their mouths for the dead colleagues. They have not yet passed a resolution classifying the deaths of colleagues in work-related accidents. The families of the deceased are in despair. The government is trying to promote the concept of individual responsibility When there is an accident in the armed forces they talk about heroes and they do well. “In the health war, the colleagues who lose their lives are considered what they are”, concludes the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Employees.