Koronovios: Extraordinary subsidy of 10 million euros in the regions of the country with decision of Theodorikakou | POLICY

An emergency grant for the 13 regions of the country, totaling 10 million euros, was approved by the Minister of Interior, Takis Theodorikakos, in order to cover the urgent needs caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The distribution of the total amount, per region, is done by debiting the account of the Ministry of Interior, in the Deposits and Loans Fund and is entitled “Covering all kinds of needs of local authorities, etc.”.

In particular, the grant per region is as follows:

Eastern Macedonia and Thrace 640,000 euros, Central Macedonia 1,400,000 euros, Western Macedonia 560,000 euros, Epirus 570,000 euros, Thessaly 690,000 euros, Ionian Islands 370,000 euros, Western Greece 600,000 euros, Central Greece 770,000 euros, Peloponnese 780,000, Peloponnese 780 euros, North Aegean 350,000 euros, South Aegean 530,000 euros and Crete 640,000 euros.