Kikilias: In the “red” Attica, Kozani and other prefectures – Warning for strict local lockdown | HELLAS

The briefing of the Ministry of Health on the coronavirus was completed, with Vassilis Kikilias.

The Minister of Health described the situation as serious in Kozani and West Attica and for this reason the committee of infectious diseases is meeting at the moment. We remind you that today EODY announced 1,190 cases throughout the country.

Mr. Kikilias also stated that the situation is aggravated in Kilikis, Xanthi, Grevena, Rodopi Thessaloniki, Kozani, Pella, Larissa and indirectly warned with severe local lockdowns.

“If the epidemiological data deteriorates, the measures will be re-evaluated. “I warmly ask the citizens who do not comply and burden the health system, to think very carefully what this can bring to the epidemiological situation of the country”, said Mr. Kikilias. “To defend the effort and effort of the citizens,” continued the Minister of Health.

The “Freedom” program for the supply of vaccines


Vassilis Kikilias referred to the joint European supply of vaccines.

“The word freedom says it all, about our psychology, about how we feel when we want to take our lives back,” he said of the code name for vaccine supplies in Europe.

The minister clarified that this is not a vaccine, but many, several of which are in the process of pre-purchase by the European Commission. Very soon, two more vaccines will be licensed. The installments are one after the other, according to the pre-purchase contracts.

“We will vaccinate first of all our health workers. We will honor the fighters at the forefront of this effort. “Then we will vaccinate the vulnerable groups”, Mr. Kikilias repeated.

The registration of the sanitary ones that will be vaccinated begins

“From tomorrow morning, the Ministry of Health from 9:00 to 16:00 will successively communicate by teleconference with all hospitals and health centers in the country,” continued Vassilis Kikilias, announcing the voluntary consent of the health authorities for their vaccination.

“The registration of the health workers who want to be vaccinated begins. “When we talk about health professionals, we are talking about all the staff, doctors, nurses, cleaners”, clarified Mr. Kikilias.

“My appeal to them has to do first of all with their own protection through vaccination and also with the safety of patients in the hospital, in order to reduce the possibility of in-hospital care,” said the Minister of Health.

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