Kate Moss’s sister kissed her friend on the mouth because she is a ‘super transmitter’ – Celebrities

22-year-old model Lottie Moss, sister of supermodel Kate Moss, apologized in a post on social media, as she had previously made jokes about the Covid-19 pandemic.

As Loti wrote on Instagram: “I just wanted to say that I’m sorry that I said I was a super spreader, someone on my live appeared and said that and I repeated his phrase as a joke, because I am not and I would never forgive the spread of a virus “.

It all started with an Instagram Live made by Loti, after as she approached her friends with the camera of her mobile phone, she said to her followers: “We are super transmitters”, while she also exchanged kisses with a friend of hers.

“I was out to dinner with 4 friends, the three live together and according to government instructions, since I live alone, I am allowed to have a bubble of 4 people. I understand that [η δήλωση για τους σούπερ μεταδότες] “It has upset and offended many people and I wanted to apologize for making such an unconscious joke,” the 22-year-old model wrote.

Lottie Moss added that she is “small and stupid” and that “she is still learning”.

“Sometimes I forget that I am a public figure and in these crazy and uncertain moments I should be more careful with my words,” Moss said.

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