Journalist D. Kroustalli resigned with allegations of suffocating pressure from Maximou

He resigned on Monday “Step” the reporter, Dimitra Kroustalli, complaining “Suffocating pressure from the Maximos Palace”, after publication of the report for “Parallel” recordings of coronavirus cases in EODY.

“On Monday I left Vima and I confess that this was a possibility that never crossed my mind.

Following the publication of the report on the parallel and ineffective system for recording coronary cases by IDIKA and EODY, suffocating pressure was exerted by the Maximos Palace. It turned into an internal tension and brought me to the dilemma: personal and professional humiliation or resignation.

I spent 30 amazing years in Vima, the period Lambraki – Psychari, during Psychari and last with Vangelis Marinakis. The sudden turn reminded me of how fragile the data in our lives are. However, the struggle that the journalists of Vima and Nea gave against the SYRIZA / ANEL government, in order to keep the two newspapers alive and standing, helps me to put things in their proper dimension.

I owe a special mention to Antonis Karakousis, with whom we went through this storm together. I wholeheartedly thank the colleagues at Vima for their emotional support. I wish Vima, Nea and Mega to always have the place they deserve in the information “, he states.

There are a number of comments in the post, including that of George Babiniotis: “Resignation is always a bold and resounding sense and proof of responsibility. Politicians in similar cases bear the “political cost” (a loud blister) at no cost. “New doors and job challenges are always open for experienced and reputable journalists.”

On Monday I left Vima and I confess that this was a possibility that never crossed my mind. Afterward…

Posted by Dimitra Kroustalli on Wednesday, December 16, 2020