“John was in the wrong place, at the wrong time”, says the shipowner Leventakis about his son

“John was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The child has nothing to do with the case. He was not beaten or shot. He did not have a weapon with him. Only some money, a very large amount which was in many files for crew payments. The other child is my nephew and a company employee. He does not even know the Albanian … “, with these words the shipowner George Leventakis, father of 35 years old John, who was arrested yesterday afternoon on Athens Avenue in Chaidari and was taken to the Security as a suspect for brutal beating and shooting of a 32-year-old Albanian in a paddock in Peristeri, gives to protothema.gr his own version of things.


The shipowner says his son was at the spot as well “He had gone to leave a BMW car for sale as he bought a Mercedes from Germany which his driver would bring through Italy. So he went to the exhibition to leave the car and there the confusion took place … Giannis had a lot of money on him and clarifications had to be given to the Security, although he has all the evidence. The money was in 15-20 envelopes with the names of captains and crews. Payments for an entire steamer over 100,000. My child went to leave a car, fell at the wrong time and found himself confused. I tell you responsibly, he did not hit or shoot anyone. This is also proved by witnesses “.


Watch video: Peristeri: “Giannis was in the wrong place, at the wrong time”, says the shipowner Leventakis about his son

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